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Mountain X-Ray

Digital X-Ray sales and service for Colorado and metro Denver. Mountain X-Ray specializes in x-ray support while providing state of the art digital x-ray and film based equipment sales.  Get the most out of digital imaging with Mountain X-Ray's specialized software packages.  Our specialized medical, orthopedic and chiropractic software makes Mountain X-Ray a clear leader in the industry.

Cutting edge technology is the single most important consideration when investing in a new digital x-ray system.  Mountain X-Ray excels in imaging excellence. - Meet your needs

Mountain X-Ray Meets Your Needs

Digital Direct Radiography (DR) Computed Radiography (CR)

The Mountain X-Ray digital package will be designed specifically for your practice's requirements including everything you will need for a complete digital x-ray system. We offer many different viewing station software packages, so every part of the package fits your needs. We optimize every part of the package resulting in all of the benefits of digital imaging.


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